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Why do we fear to start something over and rebuild?

Fixing The Engine
Lets Rebuild Our Motor

I think as human beings our nature is to look for comfort, familiarity or commonness. Even though we strive to shake things up every once in a while, we all hold routines at some point throughout our day. This is especially true when we start a business. This is what I am going through with my own business, Motor Misfit. I have grown accustomed to what it is and i'm struggling to start over.

For so long I had it pegged that Motor Misfit was going to be the pinnacle of automotive indifference and individuality. This led me to want to throw my hat into every possible wind available. Not surprising at all but it created a very quick burnout and left me not accomplishing one thing or another to its fullest potential. What is that quote they say, "master of all and master of none". Yup, that was me and that was Motor Misfit. I strived to want to do everything and ended up not really doing anything. So I decided to start over, rebuild the business, rebuild the motor.

On this day forward Motor Misfit will no longer be an automotive company focused on everything under the sun. Now the focus will be on our automotive businesses Podcast. If you haven't checked it out, please do. The primary objective of the podcast going forward is to talk with automotive entrepreneurs to go over their story, failures, accomplishments, and how they got to where they are. Our goal is to have you and myself learn from these entrepreneurs. To merge our passion, our enthusiasm, and our career together as one. As it stands the Motor Misfit Podcast is a biweekly show but by end of November it will have episodes posted every week that will feature these interesting and insightful entrepreneurs.

Join me on this journey to learn and to better ourselves through automotive individuality. Let's rebuild this motor together!

Your friend,

Carlos M

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