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Could We Just Get Started Already?

Ok, ok I get it. It is the beginning of the year (although we are in February). Most people are still getting over the holidays.Some people are starting new adventures while some are still in the same rut as last year. Also, many are still trying to capture the fact that 2021 might not start of as great as everyone that it was in mid 2020. Let's take a quick moment of silence, bow our heads, and wallow in our own self pity for 30 seconds. Don't worry.... I'll wait.

Now that you have that out of your system, I have a question. When are we going to get started again???? Come on people, where are the car shows, car events, races, etc. I know we are still in the pandemic and still have to be careful but why are there not many events getting started? This is what I am missing and have not been able to start my year off right without that first car event. So lets stop all the negative thinking and look at the positives. We are all car enthusiasts and we need an outlet to express that sentiment and thus we need the car events to get started again. Lets get it going! Lets start it up again and make 2021 a great year with an abundance of car events. So you, you, you and you in the back, let's stop being lazy and let's just get started again!

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