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Clean Culture Ballpark Banger | West Palm Beach, Florida

I'm centrally located in South Florida but for this event even I had to drive about an hour and 20 minutes to get there. Unfortunately Clean Culture did not give much information about their event so lets say I took a leap of faith and hoped that it was going to be worth the drive. After a few pockets of traffic (yes on a Sunday) and passing a few accidents of dumbasses racing to the event, I arrived and had some mixed feelings from the start.

I was greeted by someone asking for $25 to enter which didn't surprise me but I would have wished it were disclosed before the actual event happened. I park and walk to the actual ball park (about a 5 minute walk) and I said to myself ......good thing you came Los.

The event was actually very organized and had great variety and an awesome display. The way they placed the vehicles outside both on the lower level and on the stairs was very easy to walk and not miss anything. After passing a few 40 cars outside you then enter the stadium and have 2 levels of over 50 vehicles each to check out.

The walk inside the stadium went in a circle so you weren't going to miss anything either. all crews were together and even the vendors were all in the same place so you could check them all out at once. I also really loved the fact that it was not the same cars that I always see at the other South Florida events. There were about 20 plus cars with out of state plates and there were crews there from North and Central Florida. It was a really great time and I would recommend this event to anyone. You will definitely see me at their next event.

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