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About Us

Motor Misfit was started with the idea to promote automotive individuality, uniqueness, and a bit of defiance.

It took a little while to get to the focus we have now, which is being an Automotive Business Podcast concentrating on interviewing uniquely awesome individuals in the automotive industry that have taken the path of starting their own business and now they share their story with us.

When you think of a misfit you might think of a someone that doesn’t belong or fit in, maybe a troublemaker of some sorts. While it could mean that, I on the other hand see it being an individual who does not follow the social norm and takes action with their own unique way of doing things. This applies to anything including your passion and career and thus it creates a Motor Misfit.

Your Host


I did not grow up in a "car family". My family members viewed cars as a thing, a status symbol, or as a form of transportation. I was different in the way I looked at cars and long before I could even drive I remember having stacks of car magazines and lusting over different cars I wish I could buy. The sad thing was that I had no one to share this passion with, even my friends were into other things more than they were into cars. A few years later when I was finally able to scrape enough money to purchase my own car I became obsessed with working on it and definitely caught the "modify bug". I lived in Boston, Ma. and we did not have a garage but no matter if it was in the blazing summer heat or the blistering winter cold I was outside modifying my car on the Boston streets.

​I decided to pursue a career in the automotive industry but after a few attempts with bad experiences and very low pay I made a decision to put it on the backburner and concentrate on building a career to support my wife and my kids. Family comes first overall but I still did not lose my automotive passion.

While my professional career is outside of the automotive industry,  I decided that maybe a hobby of "doing car things" might not be a bad idea, and thus the Motor Misfit concept was started. I began teaching myself car photography, videography, Podcasting and any other form of media I could think of. While I enjoyed this thoroughly, I lacked the business sense and the knowledge of how to turn this passion of mine into a business and thought that others might also be missing this type of information. With that in mind, the Motor Misfit Podcast was formed. Now I am on a quest to provide knowledge to anyone that is interested in getting into the automotive industry and help them turn their passion into their career.


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